Lottery World
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Date of Divergence 1798-1799
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"Egghead World"
This is a world which sets limits on it's population, either by birth control or by "the Lottery", where the more money, you take out of it, the higher the chance of winning the death sentence, unltimited credit to spend on whatever they want in the time before their scheduled "making way" (sometime after the Lottery Ball) and $5'000'000 to go to their beneficiarys, 500 million live on that world, resources are more plentiful and public cars are availible for those who are able to drive them, there's no crime and no poverty.

The reason for this is the people of that world took the Reverend Thomas Malthus more seriously all those years before when he told them that humanity would be condemned to enternal misery because the population would increase faster than the food supply.

It is not without trouble as the "right to lifers" (some of which are nobel prize winners and philosphopers) believe that the lottery is immoral, those who attempt to stop people "making way" are arrested and taken to "make way" with pain (e.g. an execution).

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