This is a chronological list of Parallel earths visited by the Sliders.

Check the naming conventions and discussions before editing this list.

Season OneEdit

  1. Earth Prime
  2. Elvis World
  3. Ice World
  4. Cold War World
  5. Michael Mallory World
  6. Spiderwasp World
  7. Free Love World
  8. Tsunami World
  9. British States of America World
  10. Black Gold Rush World
  11. Q World
  12. Cannibal World
  13. Asteroid World
  14. Feminist World
  15. Vacation World
  16. Egghead World


  1. Earth Prime
  2. Kromagg Outpost 94
  3. Rain World (World slid from in "Gillian of the Spirits.")
  4. World of Dust (World slid from in "The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy.") (Only mentioned)
  5. Kromagg Outpost 66
  6. Earth 113
  7. Igloo World (World slid from in "Rules of the Game.") (Only mentioned)
  8. Data World (The world of Data World)
  9. Kromagg Prime (Only mentioned)
  10. Kromagg Double Prime

Worlds not linked:

  1. Lottery World (S1/Ep.10 "Luck of the Draw")
  2. Occult World (S2/Ep.1 "Into The Mystic")
  3. XY Virus World (S2/Ep.2 "Love Gods")
  4. Rain World (S2/Ep.3 "Gillian of the Spirits")
  5. 50s World (S2/Ep.3 "Gillian of the Spirits")
  6. Lonestar World (S2/Ep.4 "The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy")
  7. Violence World (S2/Ep.5 "El Sid")
  8. Prison World (S2/Ep.5 "El Sid")
  9. Hoover Prime (S2/Ep.6 "Time Again and World")
  10. Hoover Double Prime (S2/Ep.6 "Time Again and World")
  11. Dinosaur World (S2/Ep.7 "In Dino Veritas")
  12. Blue Gate Bridge World (S2/Ep.8 "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome")
  13. Psychic World (S2/Ep.9 "Obsession")
  14. Mob World (S2/Ep.10 "Greatfellas")
  15. Young Folk World (S2/Ep.11 "The Young and the Relentless")
  16. Kromagg Outpost 66 (S2/Ep.12 "Invasion")
  17. Earth 113 (S2/Ep.12 "Invasion")
  18. Quinn GF World 1 / Neuva Espana World (Where they are being "deported" to Canada and trying to help her) (S2/Ep.13 "As Time Goes By")
  19. Quinn GF World 2 (Where she is beaten and unhappy) (S2/Ep.13 "As Time Goes By")
  20. Reverse Time World/Quinn GF World 3 (S2/Ep.13 "As Time Goes By")

((List is through S2, Still in work))

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