Gomez Calhoun (played by Will Sasso) works at the Dominion Hotel, where the Sliders stayed in seasons 1 and 2. Alternate versions of him were seen in "Fever," "The King is Back," "Gillian of the Spirits," "Greatfellas," and "Time Again and World".

On the world where Rembrandt Brown was a superstar, Calhoun informed the public that Rembrandt was staying at the hotel. This greatly annoyed Arturo. In the episode "Greatfellas," he once again revealed that Rembrandt was staying at the hotel, but this time for different reasons.

In seasons 4 and 5, the Sliders encountered alternate versions of Gomez Calhoun (played by a different actor, Israel Juarbe) working at the Chandler Hotel. He was seen in "Lipschitz Live!," "Roads Taken," and "To Catch a Slider."

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